Something about this page ...

I am greeting everybody who made time and stopped on my page.

This page is about me, my skills, my creations, my ideas.


I have been painting since my youth, but more seriously since 2014, when I started to follow my heart and show my emotions via painting. I do not have one way of painting; that’s why you can find here a lot of styles, beginning from painting nature, modern, via abstract, 3D pictures to finishing products for home use. I have a lot of fantasies; that’s why I never know which painting I will start or finish.


When I paint, I put into it my mood, feelings, ideas, emotions, my heart, my soul.

I never know the exact result, plan colours or compositions, because painting is a wide range of unlimited possibilities that have no boundaries in any direction. Everything goes from me in the moment of painting, therefore every pic is completely different. In every picture I leave my inner self, feelings, moods.


Every piece is original and created with love and passion.


Painting is my relaxation, my world, in which I can be myself.

Welcome into my world.


Your M.Sarka



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